We placed this picture here as a reference point – you see Houston is the energy capital in the world, but below, you’ll notice that now Houston businesses are moving towards green energy. Cool huh?info picture - houston energy capitalHouston is popularly known for being the Energy Capital of the World. It’s a fantastic city which is fully committed to providing environmentally friendly initiatives for its residents. It has been hailed by EPA’s Green Power Partnership as the number one municipal purchaser of green power among nations. It is also a decisive leader of the alternative world energy trend. An astonishing 25% of the city’s electricity comes from using wind energy. In 2013, Houston was recognized as one of the Top 10 Greenest Cities in the United States. Today, let’s look at some of the most outstanding businesses in Houston, which do not use any chemicals in their work.

1. Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an awesome way of being able to clean hard surfaces. It can also restore the looks of houses and buildings and be used to prepare substrates for painting. The process is commonly known to use harmful chemicals. This is where Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing comes into place. ViperTech Mobile has decided to adopt this type of washing since its environmentally friendly, it leaves a little carbon footprint. There are a lot of benefits to this. The first one is that it can quickly and at the same time use less water and energy. For example, if you were to clean a patio using a pressure washer, you’ll be using up to 75% less water compared to using a regular hose. The use of Eco-friendly detergents makes it biodegradable so that it’s safer for the environment.

2. Hotels & Lodging

Most hotels in Houston are built by using materials which come from sustainable resources. You’ll find that they commonly use low energy lighting and wooden walls. This combination helps to maintain a very comfortable temperature while you’re staying at the hotel. Another great factor that they incorporate is the use of minimal water and electricity. The entire city works hand in hand to make sure that they produce less waste and utilize all available renewable resources. They make the conscious effort to recycle, replant trees, and participate in community clean ups. They also put high importance to educating their employees about conservation. By doing so, they all have a common goal in mind which is to help save the environment.

3. Pest Control

Residential homeowners face a higher risk of health problems because of using chemical based pesticide products. This has a greater impact on your health compared to the illnesses you can have from the actual insect you’re trying to kill. Residents of Houston give such a high importance to their children and pets safety. They do this by using only simple processes for eliminating insect pests. Diatomaceous earth is known to be the most efficient insect control which is proven safe to use in indoor and outdoor settings. It’s a natural mineral which comes from the fossilized skeletal remains of microscopic diatoms. It’s popularly used in Houston because of how abrasive it is to kill insects within only a few days.

4. Eco-Friendly Flooring

In Houston, they place a very high importance to choosing Eco-friendly materials for their flooring. Studies have proven that indoor pollutants can be as much as five times greater compared to contaminants outside. The installation of new flooring most common of which are carpets, it fills the air with hundreds of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). These includes benzene and formaldehyde which is very harmful to our health. It could take years before the substances could dissipate permanently. Carpets are also treated with toxic chemicals so that they will be able to repel moisture. It is well known for trapping notorious elements which go unnoticed. Houston does it right by ensuring that they only use Eco-friendly flooring to prevent any illnesses or diseases.

In conclusion, the use of chemicals in any field of business is harmful to your health. Why would we want to risk catching diseases when we can choose to use healthier alternatives? I am a firm believer in the concept of going green and using Eco-friendly methods. It’s not hard to switch and make a difference. You won’t only be positively changing you and your family’s health for the better. Instead, you’ll be able to help save the environment by doing your part. It’s important that we make a constant effort to ensuring that our loved ones and we are always safe. Chemicals are bad for the environment. I support green businesses because they take a stand in doing what’s right. Let’s keep in mind that our children and grandchildren will be the ones affected by the choices we make. Support our going green and Eco-friendly businesses so that we can live together in a more safe and secure world.

Upgrading your home & garden doesn’t have to be time consuming and costly. For a better home & garden here are some of the improvement tips.

1. Increase your kitchen storage capacity by taking advantage of underutilized corner spaces to put open shelves for crockery.
2. Embellish the front door by framing it and painting it to match the exterior decor.
3. Remove clutter at the front door by use of hooks, lockers as a storage solution.
4. Maximize on closet storage by first taking an inventory of what needs to be stored, putting into consideration current lifestyle, before getting a new closet organizer.
5. Opt for a sliding bar shower head since it can be adjusted to suit different heights for both adults and children.

1. Create a living fence by using an espaliered tree to decorate the walls.
2. Use flower containers of different shades to add color to the garden.
3. Use blank walls for additional vertical gardens by using simple boxes for low growing vegetables.
4. Use leftover stones for hardscaping.

Decorating Home & Garden could create a fantastic summer project. When your garden is in form, it could make that the main area for you as well as your household to socialize. You might have the patio location bordered by lush yards as well as dynamic plants for a bird’s-eye view.

The best garden area could make it the excellent location to delight in whether it’s throughout the night or through-out the day. Lots of people are spending the same amount of time as well as money, as they would a space within their residence.

Onee of things you will certainly wish to think about is the sort of outdoor patio area that you desire. Some individuals have personalized decks while others just installed a gazebo directly on the turf. An interlocking outdoor patio area can likewise make a vibrant declaration as it can also be custom to suit the room as well as demand of your backyard.

You could pick exactly what you desire in your backyard and also have actually the patio area built around it. You could choose a fire pit, a significant table as well as chair set and also a water fountain as component of your backyard decoration. When you could make the deck or patio develop around your favored things, it can create the excellent personalized look.

Locating the right plants to place in your backyard, could be facilitated when you find out some tricks as well as obtain motivated from yard journals. The best combo of plants and blossoms is waiting for you to discover. You might also ask a professional who works in a garden facility to aid you plan out the yard location.

Developing a great house & yard, may take some time as well as effort. However, it will be something that you come to be proud of and also could not wait to display to pals. It could not be something that you finish and also are finished with, as many people will do things in a different way every year, as things modification and inspirations are discovered.

For most people choosing the right Home & Garden decor can be a tricky and tiresome task, but eventually, you’ll have to make a choice that best fits into your style and class and also the architecture of your home if your intention is to make your home and garden as attractive, appealing and relaxing as possible. In most homes the garden is usually the first thing seen as one is entering the home and therefore it should be very pleasant and welcoming to you and your visitors. The garden serves many other tasks like providing a relaxational area for everyone and can also be used for social events like small parties.

When choosing the best home and garden décor, you have to consider a couple of factors like; what you want, what style you are looking for and the decor’s availability plus maintenance. A suitable theme tops the list of factors; the right theme guarantees a beautiful and attractive home and garden. It will then help you decide what plants and trees best complement the garden’s beauty. The most commonly used themes in home and garden decor include; butterfly, sundial, temple, winter, Japanese, water and jungle. After a suitable theme has been chosen, a list of wonderful complementary accessories can be complied. These accessories may include flowers & flowerpots, birdhouses, planter pots, fountains, garden shelves, wind chimes, incense, statues, plant stands and garden angels just to mention a few.

Decorating homes and gardens, is not an easy task and can be challenging for those new to all this. You have to use your intuition to design a truly delightful and beautiful home garden. A point to note is that before you embark on giving your garden a make-over, ensure that all your décor accessories are available and complement each other to avoid wastage of your effort, money, and time during the upgrade process.

Setting up house and the garden decoration is a terrific method making your Home & Garden attractive, relaxing and an appealing location to remain. Prior to you enter your house, you see the garden. By developing an inviting and happily welcoming environment in your garden, you are producing an inviting intro to your house. Not just that – there are times when you simply wish to hang around amusing or relaxing in your garden, so it’s enjoyable to keep it pleasing to everybody’s eyes

In selecting house and garden design, initially you need to understand exactly what you desire and exactly what design you are trying to find. One method of identifying which décor to purchase is by setting a style to your garden. Think about exactly what you would like your garden to resemble – exactly what devices you want to see, and exactly what plants and trees you would love to include. Here are a few of the style concepts that you can integrate with your garden and house decoration: temple, butterfly, Japanese, sundial, water, winter season, and jungle.

After style you pick, you can now make a list of items that are fantastic products to enhance your house garden. A few of these products can be flowers and planter pots, flowerpots, fountains, birdhouses, garden racks, wind chimes, garden angels, incense, flower vases, plant stands, and statues.

After the real estate debacle in 2008, many who had borrowed heavily to get the pleasure of a large home & garden suddenly found themselves being thrown out of those homes. A new trend emerged in which people are preferring to stay in smaller homes built on larger lot of land. Today small homes have become a rage because of viability of such home & garden.

Quintessential characteristic of small homes these days is that there is ample land available around the small building for gardening. Such home & garden are healthy for monetary health as well as physical health, not to mention emotional health.

Monetarily, the person owning such a home borrows less, if at all. Therefore, there is less risk of the person becoming insolvent, or any foreclosure procedure being initiated against him or her. Installment on any home loans taken to build such a home will be smaller and therefore, more easily manageable. In fact, many times, these home loan installments are lower than the rents in the vicinity.

Smaller homes are easy to maintain because there is less cleaning and repairing to do. Lower repair and maintenance costs improve financial health of the family. More time is left on hand because less cleaning is needed, and that reduces stress and fatigue.

Gardening is known to be the best relaxation technique. It pushes away mundane worries. Moreover, gardening requires people to do exert physically as well, which is healthier way of spending time than sitting before television sets.

Sitting out doors improves oxygen intake, and the results are visible on health as well as skin. People can spend hours at stretch admiring the decorative plants around, as well as neatly mowed lawns. Kitchen gardening is another possibility in the open space now available to them.

However, careful planning endows the small home & garden with a quaint charm. Kitchen gardening can also be planned incorporating modern techniques to grow different types of vegetables and herbs. Some of the aquaponic techniques not only help in providing the required nutrients for plants but also help to establish small fish farms. In the past it was not possible to be aware of such techniques. But now Internet gives access to such knowledge as well as necessary tools and assistance. Indeed, ingenuity in planning kitchen gardens in such homes have helped to reduce expenses on vegetables and fish without spending as much towards the manure or fish food.

Landscaped home & garden fetches better price at the time of sale. Therefore, a garden is to home, what face is to human body.